Xen Rebirth Roadmap

This Roadmap shows the planned features for the next updates for Xen Rebirth.
The Roadmap will be updated weekly. There may be new features added or shifted based on how much time a feature consumed.

M 2020 - Q 3
08 Xen Guide part 1 An ingame guide for the basic functionality of the game. Complete
Low level balancing Balancing and optimizations for lower level players Complete
09 New Map release First part of the Shenzhen maps. Complete
New Quest for Shenzhen Implementing quests for Shenzhen. Complete
Automated Worldbosses Worldbosses spawning at fixed times. + Timer on website Complete
New Halloween event New ingame stuff for Halloween! Complete
M 2020 - Q 4
10 Emote Merchant A NPC where you can buy most of the emotes Complete
11 Pet & Mount reroll TBA In progress
Christmas event New stuff and events for Christmas Complete
12 Dragon Raid A Raid Dungeon for the Dragon's Heart Planning
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Listed features may or may not be released within the given timeframe.