The Land of Xen

Long ago, peace was more than an empty word. The great King, mighty and fair, ruled the land of Xen with responsibility. With this trust came the beautiful red diamond Xen, an ancient and mysterious artifact possessing great power. In time the king married, and the union yielded twin daughters, Adeline and Marian. They were like the sun and the moon, opposites but forever entwined with the future of Xen.

Time passed and the princesses grew. Adeline became a great beauty, like the sun with a heart of gold. The people of Xen adored her. Always at her father's side, she watched and learned as the King went about his duties. With a thirst for knowledge, she learned from the greatest teachers in the land. It was her destiny to one day inherit the throne and become the kingdom's future.

Adeline became like the sun while Marian grew to become the moon. Always living in the shadows of her sister she became envious, and the darkness of jealousy soaked her heart. While admirers heaped endless praise on Adeline, seeds of bitterness and resentment began to grow in Marian. Hidden under the sheen of superficial happiness, they waited for the perfect moment to bloom.

On their 18th birthday Adeline received a special gift from her parents—the beautiful red diamond Xen! On that day the mysterious ancient relic passed from father to daughter. But it was far from a glorious occasion. Marian was conspiring with the evil wizard Alastor, plotting the downfall of her father and her sister. In Alastors lab they created evil monsters and released them throughout the land of Xen.

The Elders of Xen knew the only way to beat Marian and Alastor was to train the children of Xen in battle…The King entrusted his strongest Warlord Drekard with the task of giving each child a class of battle to learn…..the children became strong in their learnings…they defeated Marian and Alastor and banished them from Xen. The lands folk watched as Marian and Alastor disappeared from Xen....never to be heard from again…or so they thought.

10 years have passed without a sight or seeing from Marian and Alastor. The stories of the battles were told from Drekard to the children of Xen to keep them from taking their freedoms for granted. The King was preparing a feast for the Land of Xen to pass the throne on to his daughter Adeline. On the night of the coronation, a great thunder sounded from the distance. Down from the sky a large black funnel could be seen from afar. The funnel picked up in strength and lightening began to appear. With each crack of the mighty thunder, monsters dropped all over the land of Xen. The same monsters that could be seen in the past with a mixture of new more powerful monsters. The King knew what this meant, his daughter Marian had returned, and she brought with her a desire for destruction like never before. He asked Drekard to again pick up his mighty sword and take the new generation into battle. He would have to divide the children up, like before, to learn the ways of the Warlord, Paladin, Arch Mage, Shadow Master, Archer and Holy Avenger.

What Marian and Adeline didn’t know is Alastor was the brother of the King and he had a plan of his own. He was using his niece Marian to take down the King, the people of Xen and his niece Adeline. He had no intentions of handing the crown or the thrown off to his niece Marian. With a sinister laugh heard throughout the land….Alastors plan to take the kingdom, kill his enemies and kill the thorn in his side for the past 10 years….his niece Marian.