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  • hi there Alex

    I'm hoping to see you back on the game, I hope all is going well for you we miss you tell me what you have been doing how's the job going take good care my Facebook id is Linda Jensen / California send me a friend request so we can stay in touch :)

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    Hey Zageria and Shadow. Sorry for the late reply, lmao. I didn't realize the site was a thing.

    I haven't been playing, first because I moved to the US and didn't bring any Windows (or x86) machines and second, because I wanted to get myself accommodated and find a job here. Anyway, I moved in August and I have found a job, but I'm thin on money. When I'll save a bit, I will try to get back into the game. It was hard to find a job when I had no work history or even bank / credit history in the US.

    I'm currently in Florida, so about 3h ahead of you on the West Coast. I've missed you both! Hopefully I still know how to play, lul. I'm glad to see both of you are still active.

    Hope to talk to you soon.

    • hey sweetie so good to hear from you, I miss you too the game has rolled to the new server so there's a few changes, I have missed you so much can't wait for you to get back on the game, California is begging for help and min wage has been boosted to $15 an hour all over the Country they are begging for help all over, what are you doing in Florida? do you have family there? yes it can be hard with all that has happened in the past few years and some won't allow people who hasn't been vaccinated for Covid work at all, get the Phizer if you can, it's free and don't believe all the crap you hear from people who get the wrong info on it, we have had the three shots now, our arm got a bit sore for a couple of days ,that's it and it's free and you barely feel it and you can't be chipped from it, it can't give you the Virus, because it doesn't have any in it. the needles are so tiny it would be impossible to chip with it, anyway my email is [email protected] i'm on Facebook > Linda Jensen West, you can load the game on a flash drive and play on your phone or a tablet on Wi-Fi , now that you know you can post her keep in touch i just found this by chance lol so happy, you're doing ok, hope you can get on the game soon you can get a tablet cheap or laptop and go to most any place to eat like McDonalds and places like that they have wi'fi ask for the code to use it, and the library's have it too, have a great day! (((Hugies))) ^^ :)

      we have missed you on the game, I was hoping all was well with you i hope you can get on soon yes, you're 3 hours ahead of me there we hope you can get on the game soon load it on a flash drive you might be able to play it on WI-FI on a tablet most places you eat out has free Wi-Fi lol

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    • hey good friend :) welcome to the U.S.

      i hope you are doing well. i miss you!

      you always have a home in Empire and Silent Embrace.

      my email is [email protected]

      feel free to contact me <3

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  • GL with the mount roulette :P

    Could you please return me the def mount 'till you'll be back? :P and maybe after today you won't need mine anymore ;)

    • GZ on winning the mount roulette :D

    • he can't get on the game yet he doesn't have a computer i'm sure he will return it when he can