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  • I will be gone for the week starting on the 2nd. I will still be on the forums sometimes but I will not be in game.

  • Zup Ganta o/

    Suggesting Minyurea, Amu and Panditha as POTM

    They have always actively formed Party since the starting of this Game and even gave away Spots for Party Case. Min and Amu are Asian Time Players so they might be shy a bit or not understanding well but I dont think thats a Case for not Suggesting them. :) (I mean they are not loud in times u can notice them much ...)

    They have been always helpfull towards other Players in Understanding and Gameplay too. <3

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  • Ganta!!! You made it in this video too XD. Enjoy ;)

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  • What are the chances of a late submission for emblem being accepted? Asking for a friend LOL

    • Depends on how big your wallet is

    • GG not as big as yours? LOL

    • What if I show you a preview here and you tell me if it's worth it?

    • You can submit it in the thread if you want as a bonus. I may still use it at some point for the guild emblem, but it won't be entered for the chance to win a prize.

    • Oh yeah no problem, thanks for getting back to me. I don't think it's quite cut out for a 'winning' emblem anyway. I'd like your opinion first though..

  • hello ganta i need some help in game X(

    i accidently sold my def pearls to vendor


    between 7:50pm-8:26pm

  • Hey Ganta i need you in game to dye my +10 robo wings please :)

    • ?

    • Was your issue resolved?

    • yea... I didnt know I have to upgrade the wings with 100frags first then can change the color...

  • Ganta, are you on the game?

    Amberjill has been trying to get you to help her, because, she tried to enhancement of her Elephant it has failed 3 times in a row that should never happen at 90% she tried both BH and Essene she needs her things returned to her and the feature fixed Please :( :( ;( ;(

    • I tested it recently and it was working fine. Might have simply been bad luck.

    • that's really bad 6 times in a row ? at 90% success rate, poor HeavenStar thats 24 Hypermil and her other things , can you please have the hypers :) :) :) drop more for us please?

  • Hi Ganta i have a problem with my spa towel disappearing a while ago. i have tried to repeat quest but it will not allow me to redo quest. My IGN is Bowie. I think it disappeared around the time we did the event which was a spa towel set as prize. Am i able to repeat quest or how can i get it back. Thank you

    • The quest has been reset

    • Hi it is the level 65 bath towel quest that i need reset for the bath towel not the head towel level 70. Thank you :)

  • Sept 1st, 2022 at 07:58 pm est.

    I do not know who else to talk to but the alchemist and the map that changes the pets stats keep the krons and the ingredients and did not change the mounts. Can you please help me?

    • I can have synex look into that

  • Just an update; Like usual, I'll be fairly inactive during October, so expect few events from me next month.

  • where is the information of what the weddings do for players? I can't seem to find the information on weddings

    • Thank you for your help as always,

      is that going to tell us what the purpose is for weddings? I don't get the purpose of it? what it does for players

      :?: :?:

    • yes


      Rings are account bound, which mean you can teleport and use the ring on any character on the account you get married with.

      Couple warp cooldown is 15 minutes.

      Weddings can be public, or private, its up to you.

      Weddings include a ring, dress/suit, and veil/hat.

      Additional 4 wedding rings to each person can be purchased for a total of 50 million kron. Just ask the GM at any point. An NPC to purchase additional wedding rings will be added eventually.

    • so lets see if i understand this,

      you can teleport /warp to your partner no matter their level or map or warp together is that right? but can only warp at 15 minute intervals?

      so what do weddings cost, is that all it does? i'm not finding any posts on Weddings no Info do you think someone could post a thread so people has information to read up about it? rings are not cheap at 50 Million XD

      thank you Ganta I do appreciate your information and all you do for our game :)

    • I'm going to update the wedding post since its a little outdated.

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  • Aug. 5th, 2022

    Hi Ganta

    We all in Hippo WB and no rewards or exp. We are calling for a GM.

    Please help.

    Thank you

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  • Hi Ganta,

  • my buddy list is blank? I just added a friend and it's blank? I have no friends no off or on line friends on my List on my list at all?

    can you please fix it? this just happened between 3:00pm and 3:15 Pm today

    • do you have the "display offline users" option checked?

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    • no if you mean in my profile I didn't mess with it, but i will look at it,

      If you mean on my Buddy list i know about that i have tried both ways and its all blank but my friends on the list can still see me on line?

      I'm not sure where you mean? but on my buddy list they were there when i got on the game, and until I did Altar which was Bugged?

      it doesn't matter there's no one on my Buddy list at all, if i look at whose on line there's no one there or off line there's nothing there either, and I added two people today to see if they would post they did until I went off the game and back on to see if they would show they didn't show it didn't help, the new added people showed until i went off line and when I come back on they were gone too? it's a glitch can you please fix it? I tried to message you when it happened but you were off line

      thank you

    • Can you please fix it? it's still blank with the exception of the people i have talked to about trading? and if i add anyone it disappears after I use the switching caricature feature, like in and out to refresh to see if its there and it will be gone i have added two people and its blank, my Friends can see me but I don't have anyone on my list, I have tried everything I can think of but it's not restoring my buddy's to my buddy list I need help

      also when i'm in Dungeons i have a hard time staying locked on the Bosses we're killing I have to keep trying to lock on them :(


      thank you for your help

  • Sorry, no events this week. I'll try for next week.

    • boooo (jk <3)

    • Enjoy your week Ganta

    • Planning events would be a lot more fun than the stupid stuff i'm having to deal with right now.

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    • sorry Ganta, have a good day (((Huggies)))

  • can fill this out this game can be added to Twitch

  • White Tigers still can't be put into the Auction house? :( :( :)

    • I still cant put them in the Auction House?

      ?( :/ :( :?:

    • might be fixed in the next update. There is a lot of things in this next update

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    • HOOOO Wonder when it will come Q3-Q4 :?: 8) would be sick all the stuff from roadmap get in , but i miss the rurrara and dim gate dngs wonder will those will be added too? :/

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    • The next two updates will be very big, its why its taking so long.

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  • Ganta,

    I have another problem with the game last night (Sunday the 19th) just before reset at 12:00 am my time (Las Angeles) which run into this morning, I did Tiger Dungan with my Maewin, after each kill when the Party was deleted, my game froze up, this happened all 4 times once was when the Dungan was finished, each time I had to use the task Manager to get back on the Game, and I have also had this Issue when I do Altar but not as bad so far once during the Dungan but this is happening a lot to me and other Players when do we get a patch? I had this Issue before then it got fixed and then we got the Leprechauns Patch and ever since then I have been having the problem with DC's Cow is terrible too, we deleted the game and reloaded it several times a few days ago because of this glitch can you please see if it can be fixed? or talk to Synex for some input we shouldn't be having to reload the game over and over it was doing great until that Leprechaun Patch? then it started acting up again only worse now the new game download isn't working like it should, I shouldn't be having DC' problems with it, I don't think it's my computer because a lot of Players are having this happen to them too, my Graphics card drivers have just been updated, we had to reload the game several times to be able to get back on it, New People are trying to load the game and it doesn't let them on after loading it? can we figure this out :) I'm sad :(

  • The spa bucket item on my account disappeared under my character Stink Meaner.

    • You can do the quest again to get another one

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  • I'm having this issue also it says

    I need to enable the Debugger. and I can't find it? If it's needed,

    I would think it should be included in the download??

    the launcher won't load the game it will let me in the forums but not my game launch feature isn't there. and it's like shredded no background on it? I can't get on the game on this computer. after updating it won't let me on

    I get that message from Framework

    it says > unhandled exception has occurred in your application if you click Continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue,

    if you click quit it will close immediately

    then it says the process cannot access the File 'C:/users/xxxxx/ /downloads/XenRebirth_Xenepic(1)XenRebirth_Xenepic/Data/Client.CFG*because it is being used by another process.

    for example:


    < jit Debugging="true"/>


    when JIT debugging is enabled. Any unhandled exception

    will be sent to the JIT Debugger registered on the computer

    rather than be handled by this dialog box


    my other computer doesn't have the issues.

    • Are you using sandboxie or something? If not, try restarting your computer, and if that doesn't work, find and delete the game files and re-download the game.

    • nope we loaded it on Firefox, I don't have sandbox I don't know what that does

      we did all of that and its finally working but we had to do it more than one time the new downloads were not showing in the programs list? it was restarted several times the launcher wouldn't show the Play feature, then when it would, it would crash when we clicked on it, it was really a test to get it working again but so far it is, thank you for your input

      I do have a quick Question when I try to put my White Tiger in the Auction house it doesn't let me post it? other people are having the same issue I'm just curious I see no reason for it, it lets me put in Pandas and other Pets but not the white tigers

      :/ :)

    • It sounds like a file corrupted or something. maybe your graphics card was not working correctly.
      The white tiger auction bug has been around for a while. I thought it was fixed by now but I guess not. Thanks for letting us know its still an issue.

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    • updated it IDk it just wouldn't let me on the game after loading new game then we found more files it was weird, we deleted all the files we could find then reloaded after reloading several times :) your welcome , I didn't know if it was a bug but I thought so


    • Same with the Ifrixon I couldn't put it in the Auction House either

  • RyanQ , i'm having this issue also it says i need to enable the Debugger and I can't find it?

    I would think it should be included in the download?? :(

    • hmm? Not sure what you mean

    • nope i had to reload the game it's working now but I just got the black screen when I switched to Maewin

  • hi ganta im here to ask you if you can merry me and another player?

  • Hey Ganta,

    I recently experienced a launch issue when I was not able to see the "Play" button. Decided to delete the folder with the game and redownloaded it from the website. Now everything downloaded like normal but now when I try to launch the game all I get is a black screen then it crashes. Any suggestions on how I can play the game again? Tried a bunch of things like restarting PC or even reset my modem thinking it was a connection problem but nothing worked. Seeking further assistance with the matter.



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    • Did you delete all of the files make sure ,then restart and try again? don't do the download that has several like 4 parts do the single download

      did you solve your issues with getting on the game? you might load it on a flash drive and play it from there? I'm wondering if when you deleted the game you got all the files. I loaded my game from the download I didn't do the 4-peace load good luck

  • G-G-G-Ganta Go! You can do it...GANTA! :D

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  • hi ganta i am in that guild i am matrix the guild raffel

    • You are on odyssey? I gave the rewards to the guild master, so talk to him about getting your share of the rewards.

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    • yep i am you otta come in the middel i am in eir

  • Hey Ganta,

    I recently lost my Felix, went online today and noticed it wasn't in my inventory checked my storage and all my chars but completely gone.

    Kindly seeking assistance with this situation, I'm thinking it was my little one who might have dropped it or sold it when I stepped away from game. If there is a item log or history of what happened to it and if possible to get it back. I spent almost all my Kron on the lil guy. x'D

    I truly appreciate your time,


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  • Hi Ganta!

    I'd like a wedding. momotan and -kaede- February 5 Server time am5: 00

    • Earliest I can do is 9:30am

    • I need your help at 9:30 am. Where will the place be?

    • That is your choice.

    • I want to do it at Jotunnheim General Church

    • Ok, I'll schedule that

  • I created a ko-fi page. Donate if you would like more than just one event per week and would like more youtube videos from me.

  • [redacted]