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  • welcome back! :)

    the Mages Guild is by the Aco guild at the bottom (south )of Essene on the right side of the Acolyte Guild they are right together :)

  • Welcome to the game!

    If you need any help feel free to contact me, I'm also kinda new but I would love to help with anything I can.

    8) :thumbup:

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    • thank you for the warm greeting :)

      well I do have a Question,...

      where do I find the Mages Guild Master Mordine,...and how do I get there? :/

      thank you for all the coming help :S

    • Hello!

      You have to go to Essene, just talk to the transporter in Arcarinas square.

      The mages guild is in the bottom left corner.

      You can add me on game, so we can talk there easily if u need :)

      LunarSong same as here.

    • That would be really nice.