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  • I just went to RA at 12:00PM today 3/29/23 already had the quest, when RA died i was hitting it close to the steps when it Died i went up the steps and waited until most everyone left which was a lot of time past killing RA then I touched the Stone which was Blue, then looked for my WB Scrolls and Tokens, I didn't get any of it ,no tokens or scrolls, can you please give me my Tokens and Scrolls for killing RA? I was talking to Baby she said sever a lot of players didn't get theirs either she thinks RA pushed us too close to the Safety Zone while we were killing it, that wasn't our fault we should get our tokens please give them to those of us who was Killing, Maybe something can be done about the Safe Zone at the bottom of the steps or Ra maybe should be over from it more when RA moves around? because, if anyone gets too close to the SZ it cheats us out of our Items

    • I have suggested moving the spawn point of Ra to be further away from the Stone and the safe zone. For now you have to make sure you're out of the safe zone in order to collect the rewards.

    • that would be good RA sets too close to the top of the screen and most times you can't see to click on him then he kicks us down but he mostly stays higher up to the top so it would be a lot better to move him over and down

      I wasn't in the Safe Zone that I know of? :/ if i was he shifted us, I know of he shifted toward it and pushes us back all the time we don't get a choice though, so it wasn't my fault or other players he pushes us away from him other players didn't get their tokens either they were also shifted there by RA no fault of their own,

      it's like that when we do Amorica too while killing we get shoved back to the back while killing,

      I didn't see anyone in the Safe Zone we all know better, I still should have gotten my Tokens :( thank you for your response and as always your input and help :) :) :)

    • RA has always been a Pain but we get good tokens for the kill :) :) :)

  • Honk! ^^

  • Duck duck GOOSE !!!

  • Congrats on becoming a GM. Welcome to the Game.

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