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  • 【日本語(Japanese)】


    GM_Marmaladeさん、ゲーム(Xen Rebirth)の開発と運営お疲れ様で御座います。


    「月間最優秀選手(Player of the Month)」


    寒い時期に入りましたが、これからもゲーム(Xen Rebirth)の開発と運営頑張って下さいっ。


    【英語(English)=※文章翻訳インターネットサイト「DeepL」にて文章を翻訳しています。(※The text is translated at DeepL, a text translation Internet site)】

    Please excuse me for posting a comment message.

    GM_Marmalade, thank you for your hard work in developing and managing the game (Xen Rebirth).

    Last month.

    「Player of the Month」

    Thank you very much for selecting us for this project.

    Please keep up the good work on the development and management of the game (Xen Rebirth), even though we are now in the cold season.

    We are rooting for you!

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    • BlackDevil, いつも素敵なコメントと応援をありがとう。冬を安全に健康にお過ごしください!

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  • Code
    solved. thank you
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  • The wedding ring isn't working.
    Can't fly to the other person
    I want it fixed

  • Marmalade

    ou gave me fake xens not real ones. Look at your list.

    • It is intended. I sent you Xens stone, not xen stones, there is a slight difference in the name but I can assure you that it is correct.

    • Thank you for replying and confirming. <3 <3

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  • P.S.>>>> the Black Smith is a Thief too :D :D :D :D

  • has anyone looked into the Meutron Girl robbing People of their Kron when trying to Perm our items we want to keep? It should not fail as many times as it has been failing over and over costing us millions in hard to get Kron should not be happening, can some one please fix it?

  • Congratulations!!

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  • congratulations I hope we can have a slappy time together

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  • Congrats on becoming a GM. Welcome to the game!

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