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  • why is it every time I get Robo Wings the Stat is INT on the front? I have had at least 6 to 8 sets of Wings come with INT? what's up with that i need Power, Defense and Agi and I get INT? when I do Perls it's Wisdom's? what is happening we're getting terrible drops of Xen Stones ,Hyper, AP6 Gear for high levels, just about no Pet Quest drops No butters, Berries, Cheese Drops, our maps are messed up to where we use to be able to farm why? that's taking the fun out of farming and also why does Shadow Masters have no more skills after the second Vacuum pulse? we are weak when we should be the strongest Caricature on the game, and one more thing why Does mages have to hit the ground to use Lightening skills? that's a pain in the rear we didn't have that in the Old game so why now? can it please be fixed? :/ :( :( ^^

  • i'm having problems with my skills not working in the spa and in Dungeon's on all of my Caricatures i have been noticing they don't show they are working going and some doesn't let me buff in the spa and dungeons i can before i go in and out but sometimes my Rapid step doesn't work and sitting down doesn't work until i move, then it works? this happens on my Zageria, Maewin and Piwaket not sure about the others i havens played them a lot, also why are we not getting less than i% experience for doing AOE or even in Boss Dungeon Kills? I see some are getting 5.0 for AOE in Despair at the same level, I don't get even 1.0 why is that, my experience needs to be fixed on Zageria she's level 187 :( thanks :)

    • Hi Zageria,

      Thank you for your feedback, My question would be, do you have your weapon equipped when you try to use your skills?

      Rapid Step skills add moving speed to your stat, when you use your Rapid step, does your moving speed stat points changes or does it stay the same? Please do a self test on the skill and provide Screenshot if there are no changes in your stat points when using your Rapid Step buff.


    • Hi GM_Jinn,

      my weapons are on when it happens, this has been happening with game updates, I get a new glitch, it was good until the last Update then I started getting game freeze up in the Dungeons? My Task manager is having problems more and more too exit the game to get back in the game after it freezes up playing all of the Dungeons (and also WB trying to transport back to town i will get the black screen I have to go to the TM to restart, in Dungeons when the round is over it will freeze up my game on the first or second round then I have to close it with my Task Manager to get back in Game to play, the game has a lot of bugs I noticed the Task manager sometimes shows two to Icons at times to Close out with the Task Manager, it shows two Icons I have to use for closing the game I have to close both of them "the old Game icon with the SOS Girl "also appears to close the task,

      I haven't noticed if the stat points changed It always worked before and now I notice when im in the spa i have to get up and move before my sit/stand and buff skill works, there it could be I don't have my armor on just my towel's waiting to spa up the buff skill doesn't work standing or sitting unless I move some then it starts working, also my Follow Feature has never worked like it should, When I try to use it , the caricature's that are set for following constantly disconnects it has been on going when ever I started using the skill, it's just about where I hardly try to use it, because, it's hard to connect and then when I start to move it either didn't connect or in a short distance they disconnect? I have a hard time doing screen shots? the windows has changed that I have windows 11, :( I'm thinking of reinstalling the game? :/

      Jinn, thank you for helping me have a great day :) <3 <3

  • Welcome I look forward to slapping you XD.

  • Welcome to the game. Congrats on being a GM.