Vote for Xen Rebirth

If you do not see one of the image buttons above, try to turn off your adblocker
It can take some time, until the vote ticket is rewarded.

What is voting?

You can vote daily for our private server on 2 different Private Server Top-Lists.
This will help us to get more new users.


How can I vote?

Click on the 2 different Vote Buttons above and solve the challenge.
You can vote every 24 hours on GTOP100
You can vote every 12 hours on xtremetop100

Votes are per IP, not per Account!
It can take a few minutes to receive your Vote-Ticket.


What do I get for voting?

For each vote you get 1 Vote Ticket.
The Tickets can get exchanged for different rewards ingame.

(Vote Tickets can be transfered to the game after the maintenance at 05/07)


Reward sneak peek:

* Alice Dress (Female)
* Biker Suit Black/Red (Male/Female)
* Cat Backpack (Male/Female)
* Handcrafted Wings
* Toy Car
* ....


Rules & information

Only 1 vote per IP/Person is allowed for the given timeframes (Once a day for gtop100, once every 12 hours for xtremetop100)
Attempting to cheat will get you banned.
Vote Tickets can not get transfered to other Accounts!
We do NOT provide support for issues on those sites!!