Storage 2 and Storage 3 Quests

  • This is how you are able to upgrade your storage with 100 more slots for a total of 300 slots total.
    You are able to get the quests in Essene, Eir, and Bryhilld hotels. Just talk to any hotel managers at these locations.

    You need 1,000,000 krons plus 10 gold tokens for Storage 2

    You need 2,000,000 krons plus 10 platinum tokens for Storage 3

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  • Yeah I confirmed this myself earlier. Each char will have to complete the requirements to open the Storage 2 and Storage 3 areas of the Hotel. All 5 char slots can access all three storage areas but only on the same account as each other, same as normal storage.

  • I think this needs a little tweak as of now each char has to do the quest to have access to the inventory expansions or is going to remain that way?

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