Find Barkholomew Quest (Shenzhen 125+)

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    Talk to the Expedition Guard in Xiamen -Exit-.

    You will receive a Pet Treat in your Spend Inventory.

    • Find Barkholomew in Xiamen -Exit-.

    Use the Pet Treat when you are close to him.

    He will run away, and Ortro will spawn.

    Kill Ortro to retrieve the Pet Treat.

    Find Barkholomew at his next location and repeat.

    You will need to do this 5 times.

    Follow the map below for the five locations!

    After the fifth time, you will receive Barkholomew in your inventory.

    Talk to the Expedition Guard in Xiamen -Exit-.

    NOTE: This quest only gives a small amount of EXP.

    *Disclaimer*: If you restart your game (meaning you warp out or die and restart, the quest starts over)

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  • Added the mob that spawns for Bark!

  • do you keep the pet, or no?

    • nope! The guard lost it and we just find it for him :P

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