Shenzhen Gates Quests

  • Here is the basic info on how to move on through the Gates

    1 GATE QUEST 1:

    There is a Guard in Xiamen -Main Gate- on the right hand side of the map:

    Talk to him and he will ask you to bring him 50 Black Mana Gems:

    You can find this mob at both Xiamen -Main Gate- and Xiamen -Exit-.

    After that, you can move to Xiamen at the other side of the gate when you talk to the guard.
    (Don't go to the south into Xiamen. It's a dead end since its on the left side of the gate)

    2 GATE QUEST 2:

    This next part of the quest is at Yellow Gate -Main Gate-. Talk to this NPC Guard:

    He will ask you to bring him 50 Yellow Mana Gems:

    Which drop from this mob:

    This mob can be found at Craving Basin -Entrance- and Yellow Gate -Main Gain-.

    Congratulations! You can now proceed to the maps beyond Yellow Gate!

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  • This should be updated to include locations where you get Gems.

    Black Mana Gems:

    Xiamen -Exit-

    Xiamen -Main Gate-

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