Cobalts Cave Quest Line

  • This is the full Cobalt's Cave Quest line. This quest starts at lvl 70 and can be completed at any time after that, there is no max level limit for completion, however it is best to farm/complete this quest series between 70 and 79 since the monsters start to run at lvl 80 You can start this quest at the Guild Director in Brynhilld, Essene, Candyvault, Albatross Village or Village of Abundance. ( Village of Abundance is the closest to the Caves. ) The caves are 4 maps north from the Abundance Town exit. Cobalt's Cave has three levels. This Quest is in three parts. You will collect three different items during this quest line. One kind from each level of the caves. The quests items are auto drops into your inventory. Cobalt's Cave (Lvl 1) Def 2+172 Run Lvl 80 Cobalt's Cave (Lvl 2) Def 2+174 Run Lvl 81 Cobalt's Cave (Lvl 3) Def 2+183 Run Lvl 83 your Reward for this quest line after you complete all three parts is 1 Million Exp and Perm Rabbit Ears of Speed.
    Start at the Guild Director (Brynhilld, Essene, Candyvault, Albatross or Abundance). You will select Expedition of the Cave of Cobalts (lvl 70) Quest and use this one for all three parts.

    These are the different Items you will be collecting on the different levels of the caves, they are auto drops into your inventory you will not be picking up these items on the ground.

    Your Reward is the Rabbit Ears of Speed and they are permanent


    This is the Dialogue you will have with the Guild Director, make sure you participate in the quest line to continue.

    After reading this you will head to the Cobalt's Cave First level and farm the item. You need 60 Fragments of Eroded Soul. They are auto drops in your inventory. You will NOT pick these items up off the ground.

    When you have all 60 talk to the guard at the Entrance to the Cobalt's Cave. He is outside in the Safe Zone.

    You will select Expedition of the Cave of Cobalts for each part of this quest.

    Now its time to report back to the Guild Director. Again select the Expedition of the cave of Cobalts (lvl 70) Quest

    Continue the Conversation for part 2 of this quest (its much shorter than the first)

    Now back to the caves to farm the next item. these will be found on the second floor. You need to collect 40 Pieces of Eroded Soul.

    Again these are auto drops into your inventory.

    When you have all 40 talk to the guard outside the caves again. Select the same option as last time Expedition of the cave of Cobalts.

    Now back to the Guild Director. Again pick the same option to finish part 2 and start part 3.

    Now Back to the Caves level 3 for the items. You will need 30 Eroded Souls. Again these are auto drops in your inventory.

    There is NO BOSS MONSTER on level 3 anymore, he was removed, and you don't need him to complete the quest.

    When you have 30 talk to the guard again outside the cave. Pick the same option as before.

    Now back to the Guild Director to finish up this quest line and receive your reward.

    Your reward is 1 million Exp and Perm Rabbit ears of Speed.

    and your Quest is Complete :D

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