Christmas Tree Locations 2020

  • This is the list of the locations of the Christmas Trees around Brynhilld and Essene. Login everyday from December 1- December 24 to get a prize in each tree. I have added a screenshot and prizes to each of the Christmas Trees! Arcarinas Square (Bryhilld)- 1, 2, 14, 21 Guild Plaza (North Bryhilld)- 4 and 22 Tramis Mansion (North Bryhilld)- 5, 13, 17, 23 Mall Street (West Bryhilld)- 6, 11, 15, 20 Summerhill Street (East Bryhilld)- 8, 9, 10, 18, 19 Essene- 3, 7, 12, 16, 24


    1- Arcarinas Square Near West Bryhilld and Veggie Girl

    PRIZE- 2x Mystic Snowflake (Used for Santa's XMas Lottery Board for a Random PRIZE)

    2- Arcarinas Square across from Crazy Old Man

    PRIZE- 5x Christmas Potions (Transform into any Christmas mob)

    3- West Essene Next to Mariotte with a cameo of ClepClep

    Thank you TwinkleVal for finding this tree!
    PRIZE- 3x Christmas Cake (Boosts DEF,dodge, skill rate, hit rate)


    Successful Dodge+2

    Skill Rate+2

    Successful Hit Rate +5

    (Buff Lasts 5 Minutes)

    4- Guild Plaza Next to Rogue Guild Guide (Across from pumpkin house)

    PRIZE- 5x Meridian R (Used for Enhancements)

    5- Tramis Mansion- Tree Bricks

    PRIZE- 3x Snowman Lucky Ball (Used to Get One Random Item from the Lucky Ball)

    6- Bar Mall Street

    PRIZE- 2x Mystic Snowflake

    7- Expedition Map Essene

    PRIZE- 5x Christmas Potion

    8- Portal to Summerhill in Arcarinas Square (Near Rusty)

    PRIZE- 2x Fantastic Christmas Cake

    9-Ore Refinery- Summerhill Street

    PRIZE- 3x Christmas Lucky Ball (Used to Get A Random Item from the Lucky Ball)

    10-Summerhill Blacksmith

    PRIZE- 1x Christmas Level Bundle (3 1-Day EXP Boost Book 100%, 5 Slime Beans, 2 7% Pendants - Stacked)

    11- Portal to Arcarinas Mall Street

    PRIZE- 3x Mystic Snowflake

    12- Acolyte Guild Entrance Essene

    PRIZE- 5x Christmas Potions

    13- Tramis Mansion Across from Hiro

    PRIZE- 2x Fantastic Christmas Candy (TBD)

    14- Arcarinas Square- North Brynhilld Portal to Guild Plaza (Behind Solstice Guide)

    PRIZE- 1x XMas Party Hat Female (STATS TBD)

    15- Mall Street Sewers/City Hall

    PRIZE- 5x Meridian R

    16-Padame Hotel- Essene

    PRIZE- 3x Mystic Snowflake

    17- North of Hiro Tramis Mansion

    PRIZE- 5x Christmas Potions

    18-Yozette Center of Summerhill

    PRIZE-1x Christmas Level Bundle (3 1-Day EXP Boost Book 100%, 5 Slime Beans, 2 7% Pendants - Stacked)

    19- Summerhill Street to Arcarinas Square


    20- Vader Hotel Mall Street (Stylist Milly)

    PRIZE- 1x Pipe (STATS TBD)

    21- Crazy Old Man Arcarinas Square

    PRIZE- 4x Mystic Snowflake

    22-Guild Plaza (Recycle Girl)

    PRIZE- 10x Christmas Potions

    23- Across from Christmas Tree "5" Tramis Mansion Tree Bricks

    PRIZE- 3x Christmas Cake

    24- Guild Office Essene

    PRIZE- 10x Mystic Snowflake

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  • Holy smoke <3 magicalgirl thank you~

    • You are welcome! Yes. This took a while to finish!

  • Thank you for making this guide, it's been a great help! :) Just want to let you know that the screenshot for the 8th actually shows the location to the 14th tree instead, but otherwise the description for the location is correct.

    • Oh oops, Thank you for checking the error. I have fixed it. The tree and the prizes are still the same near Rusty with 2x Christmas Cakes

  • Ah Thank you for doing that @Celten

  • Here's the Christmas Level Bundle info:

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    Will edit the article with that info.

  • Would you be able to include the prizes for each day in this lexicon article? Would be nice to know not just for this season, but also even to reference for, assumingly, future years if we ever want to look back at this.

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