Xen Stone Sources/Locations

  • The Xen Stone is one of the rare jewels of Xen, primarily used for enhancing gears and crafting. They are also used as a common currency for trades within the Xen community. This lexicon will cover specific sources and locations where you have a chance to obtain them.


    One of the rare jewels found in Xen Continent. Sometimes used to make accessories, but main purpose is to strengthen the armor.

    1 PvE

    All monsters in the PvE environment have a rare chance (estimated <1%) of dropping a Xen Stone.

    2 Dungeons

    Upon completing a dungeon, reward chests spawn and you'll have a low chance of obtaining a Xen Stone.

    Where to Obtain:Dungeon Chest
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    Boss Instances
    Notes:How chest rewards are distributed is entirely random.

    3 Hero Lucky Ball

    Hero Lucky Balls, which are often obtained through dungeon chests after completing a dungeon, give a random chance of a Xen Stone upon opening.

    Where to Obtain:Alastors' Minions, Party Dungeons, Boss Dungeons
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    Party Dungeon Instances

    Boss Instances

    Lucky Balls Item List
    Notes:See Hero Lucky Ball Drop Rates (Post-Q3) for drop rate information.

    4 Lottery Flag Tickets

    Like Hero Lucky Balls, Lottery Flag Tickets give you a random chance of a Xen Stone. They are currently only obtained through the Obstacle Race via the Event Guide NPC in Essene.

    Where to Obtain:Obstacle Race - see Event Guide NPC in North Essene for schedule
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    Notes:The number of tickets obtained depends on race placement in your level tier.

    1st: 4 tickets
    2nd: 3 tickets
    3rd: 2 tickets
    4th and over: 1 ticket

    5 Pet Merchant Token Exchange Chain

    The Pet Merchant Token Echange Chain is a one-time method of obtaining Xen Stones as you exchange Boss Tokens to complete the chain. See the Pet Merchant in Arcarinas Square or Essene. Currently, you can only complete the entire chain once.


    6 Events

    The biggest GM-hosted event to obtain Xens is Xen Madness. These are rare events where players are teleported to an event map, based on level tier, and monsters spawned in that map have a high chance of dropping Xen Stones.

    Here are the past Xen Madness events, with the most recent event on top:

    Xen MadnessSeptember 20, 2020
    Xen MadnessMay 9, 2020

    7 Notes