Valentines Seasonal Content

  • Valentines in-game content appears every February of the year, featuring seasonal NPCs (Choci and Cupid) and their associated dungeons/maps.

    1 February 2021

    1.1 Overview

    Dates: February 9 - 24, 2021

    Announcement: Valentine

    1.2 Valentines Items

    The following drops are exclusive to the seasonal content:

    Valentines ItemWhich Mob Drops Them?Which Dungeon?
    Blessing of ValentinesChocolate MokoMokoChoci Dungeon
    Legend of ValentinesChocolate RaccoonChoci Dungeon
    History of ValentinesChocolate FoxChoci Dungeon
    Tribute of ValentinesChokoPangyaChoci Dungeon
    Cupid ArrowsAllBlackheart Dungeon
    Various LettersAllBlackheart Dungeon

    1.3 Valentine Chain (Account-Bound)

    Talk to Choci (Arcarinas Square) to unlock rewards in the Valentine Chain by handing certain number of Valentines Items:

    Here is the total number of Valentines items to collect for the entire chain:

    Blessing of ValentineLegend of ValentineHistory of ValentineTribute of Valentine

    *All choco pets obtained via the Valentine Chain are merely comestic pets--they do not have stats nor they cannot be enhanced.

    1.4 Chocolate Weapon Coupon Exchange

    You can exchange a Chocolate Weapon Coupon for a Chocolate Weapon. The exchange rate is below:

    Exchange for 1 Chocolate Weapon Coupon:
    75 Blessing of Valentine

    60 Legend of Valentine

    50 History of Valentine

    40 Tribute of Valentine

    1.5 Chocolate Weapons

    ClassWeapon Stats
    Xenian+35 Max Weight
    +30 Attack
    Fighter+3 POW
    +50 HP
    +50 Attack
    Magician+50 Magic
    +4 MP Recovery Amount
    Rogue+3 AGI
    +50 HP
    +50 MP
    +50 Attack
    Scout+4 MEN
    +50 Attack
    Cleric+7 HP Recovery Amount
    +7 MP Recovery Amount
    +50 Magic
    Disciple+7 HP Recovery Amount
    +7 MP Recovery Amount
    +50 Attack

    1.6 Cupid

    All items for Cupid are found in the Blackheart Dungeon (accessed via Cupid NPC). Redeem the arrows or set of letters at Cupid NPC in Arcarinas Square to receive the following rewards (repeatable):

    20 Cupid Arrows5x Passionate Chocolates (+200 HP for 1 hour)
    5x Confessional Chocolates (+100 MP for 1 hour)
    LOVE3x Lovely Chocolate (+2 Movement Speed for 1 hour)
    HEART3x Heart Chocolate (Heals +10,000 HP)
    OUTSPARKLove Mask Helmet (Max MP: +50 | DEF: +14)
    DNCSeal of Love Helmet (Max MP: +50 | DEF: +14)

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  • Are the chocolate Xenian weapons the same as the ones Ganta gave out that one event?

    • Yep, just checked. They're the same stats (+30 atk, +35 max weight).

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  • So....what are the stats on the MAGES weapon?

    And, what are the level requirements to wield them?

  • HEART gives 3 Heart Chocolates
    LOVE gives 3 Lovely Chocolates

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    • Perfect, ty for confirming!

  • I think someone else has to confirm but when I gave DNC I got Seal of Love instead o_o

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    • You're likely correct since I had 2 different sources of information pulled from the past that had DNC/OUTSPARK with one of the helms. Made the edit but will correct if another person says otherwise. Thanks for letting us know though!

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    • Confirmed! Also its 30 days, not a perm one

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  • is there stats on those choco pets or is it just for show like teddy pet?

    • Nope. As far as I know who got them, they're just cosmetic pets like the Moon Bear and Poyo/Poku/Poko pets.

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  • CHOCO RACCOONS!!! The DEVS have granted my wish! Ty :D

    Haha 3