Red Mine Quests

  • The new solo haven map, Red Mine, offers 2 new quests.
    One of the quests gives a perm outfit!

    Need to be level 150 to be able to accept quest. The entrance to Red Mine is found in Lava Valley, after Lava Mountain -Exit- but before Lava Canyon

    Need to have done the Yellow Gate questline.

    1 Quests - Red Mine clearing

    Repeatable (Unlimited Attempts)
    Defeat 200 mobs inside Red Mine

    Note: Mobs that run still count toward the 200 kill count
    1 Platinum Token
    3 Meridian R
    Player Experience

    Proportional to player level

    2 Quest - Collect Materials

    Daily (Resets at 00:00 AM ST)
    Collect 10 Raw Iron and 10 Shiny Soul Stone from mobs inside Red Mine
    Evil, Gaudi, and Mine Workers - Raw Iron
    Both Hell Watchers - Shiny Soul Stone

    1 Golem Lucky Ball
    Player Experience
    Proportional to player level

    3 Quest - Kill the Mine Robot

    Defeat the Big Robo-Driller and collect Doron

    Note: Having the quest active in a party is added for all members,
    despite whoever lands deathblow.
    Note 2: Mini boss seems to respawn every 10

    1 Permanent
    Ushiwakamaru (M) or (F)

    Gender determined by player character.

    4 Other Information

    Big Robo-DrillerLocationQuest Item Drop


    +3 Agility
    +20 Stamina
    0 Weight

    Need Level 16 to equip!

    Equip Effect: Melee Defense +5
    Equip Effect: Melee Attack +25

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  • Any information on where and if the soul stone can be exchanged for shiny soul stones?

    • Yeah, I was hoping with a change like this, the stones would be retroactively changed too.

      I had some for exchange D:

    • I'll look for both of you in-game here soon.

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    • is there any information yet on where and if the soul stones can be exchanged for shiny soul stones?