Seasonal Event: Halloween

  • Halloween is upon the land of Xen!

    Join the fight against BOOtinful mobs that are plaguing the lands during this time. Gather colorful pumpkins and trade them to Pumpkin Head Chuck for some spooktacular prizes.

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    [Under Construction] Finished 10/21/22
    I need more information on the Pet Bat Wings exchange 10/17/22
    Need to finish the exchange fully Finished 10/21/22

    I am pretty much done! Anything else will be minor additions so count this as final version! Have a spooky Halloween!

    Seasonal Event

    1 Overview

    The seasonal event dungeon is located in Candyvault. From the Transporter, head south and right towards Candyvault Inn. Head to the back of the building into a suspicious shed. Inside the player will find Rambino's Basement Storage.
    Inside Rambino's Basement Storage, head to the bottom right corner of the map to find the NPC Pumpkin Head Chuck. They will provide the seasonal event's features.
    Talk to them to explore the following options:

    Enter a Solo-only Map [NO DAMAGE AOE SKILLS] (Drop rates are higher than in AoE Map)
    Enter an AoE Map [ALL SKILLS OKAY]
    Access Halloween Event Reward Chain [Per account only]
    Get an additional Halloween pet [cosmetic]
    Get one of the three cosmetic Pet Bats
    Get an additional Pumpkin Weapon
    Get an additional Scythe Weapon

    2 Halloween Mobs

    Mob [All are level 185]Drops
    [Event] Orange Pumpkin
    [Event] Green Pumpkin
    [Event] Red Pumpkin
    [Event] Purple Pumpkin

    3 Event Reward Chain

    The player receives prizes based on how many [Event] pumpkins are in inventory.
    Click Unlock Reward to trade the number of pumpkins based on the dark highlighted box.
    Reward chain is unlocked from column left to the bottom, then next column to its right.
    The player receives one of each cosmetic item in picture.
    The colorful Halloween bags provide nice consumable goodies.
    [Pumpkin LBs, Skull LBs, Marshmallow Skulls, various chocolates, Fall Signs]

    The player will need:
    150 [Event] Purple Pumpkins
    200 [Event] Green Pumpkins
    250 [Event] Red Pumpkins
    300 [Event] Orange Pumpkins
    Total to clear the entire board.

    4 Other Event Exchanges

    Additional Pet:

    Pet Bat Wings (Other Item): 150 [Event] Purple Pumpkins
    Zombie (Cosmetic Pet): 150 [Event] Green Pumpkins
    Demon (Cosmetic Pet): 150 [Event] Red Pumpkins
    Spooks (Cosmetic Pet): 150 [Event] Orange Pumpkins
    Additional Sacrificial Scythe:

    Any are exchange options for one

    125 [Event] Purple Pumpkins
    125 [Event] Green Pumpkins
    125 [Event] Red Pumpkins
    125 [Event] Orange Pumpkins
    Additional Pumpkin Weapon:

    Any are exchange options for one

    75 [Event] Purple Pumpkins
    75 [Event] Green Pumpkins
    75 [Event] Red Pumpkins
    75 [Event] Orange Pumpkins
    One of the three bat pets:

    Exchange one Pet Bat Wings for one

    Dark Wing (Cosmetic Pet) [Red/Black]
    Fire Wing (Cosmetic Pet) [Orange/Black]
    Tei Wing (Cosmetic Pet) [Green/Black]

    5 Halloween Pets

    Pet (Cosmetic)Picture
    Dark Wing
    Fire Wing
    Tei Wing

    6 Halloween Items

    Pumpkin Stick [Permanent]DaggerPower: 5
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 5
    HP: 50
    MP: 50
    Weight: 3
    Melee Attack: 50
    Magic Attack: 50
    Sacrificial Scythe [Permanent]DaggerPower: 5
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 5
    HP: 50
    MP: 50
    Weight: 3
    Melee Attack: 50
    Magic Attack: 50
    Purple Pumpkin Helmet [Permanent]HelmetPower: 5
    HP: 100
    Weight: 10
    Defense: 20
    Green Pumpkin Helmet [Permanent]HelmetIntelligence: 5
    MP: 100
    Weight: 5
    Defense: 20
    Pumpkin Mask [Permanent]Face EquipmentMinimum Level: 16

    Hit Rate: 5
    Skill Crit: 1
    Weight: 0
    Marshmallow SkullsConsumableMelee Attack: 10
    Magic Attack: 10
    Hit Rate: 5
    Weight: 1

    Duration: 1 Minute 30 Seconds

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  • I had to look all over the place to find the Dungeon for this event? it's not marked? :rolleyes:

    Thank you this is borderline fun it's structured for High level players again, it's really not for low level players is it? this is too hard for them to be able to play they should be able to get the items like everyone else but nope we always have to die a thousand times and waste our pots if we want to get the fun things :(

    • yeah, it's the shed behind the hotel in Candyvault. It should be marked on the map yeah xD

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  • Thanks for starting this. I wasn't sure how to do it so I took out my draft. Good luck :)

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