Xenian Level 1-10 Beginner's Guide

  • Welcome to Xen Rebirth (Xenepic Online Revo) Here's a video on how to start off in Xen! There is a detailed typed out version with screenshots if that also helps you. Good luck. An automated "show me where to go" animation will guide you where to go with just clicking on the area you need to go or you can use the map. (Be sure to do this fast when you start the quests).


    You can level your character to 16 to choose a class to continue your journey on (Acolyte/Cleric/Priest/Paladin, Apprentice/Mage/Wizard/ArchMage, Disciple/Templar/Holy Avanger/Saint Guardian, Neophyte/Rogue/Assassin/Shadow Master, Scout/Ranger/Archer/ArcherLord, and Squire/Knight/Warrior/Warlord).

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    You can reset your stats by entering the Essence Acolyte Guild (NPC Morphine) for free until level 20. https://www.xenrebirth.com/index.php?game-stats/

    You can use this quest guide to let you do beginners quest to get you started after level 10. Beginners' Guide: Recommended Quests to Consider/Complete

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    Here is a typed out detail version of the video.

    1. Please talk to the Beginner's Guide NPC at the Beginner's House.

    2. Click on Receive Certificate.

    3. Go to the 2nd floor and talk to the Town Guide.

    4. Click on Go to the Solstice Trainer. This will teleport you to Arcarnias Square in Brynhilld.


    5. Go towards the Solstice Trainer near Guild Plaza (Alt+ Z to bring up the map bigger on the right hand corner)


    6. Click on the menu button, inventory Alt+ E (gear section) , and double click to equip gear.

    7. Double check to see if your gears were equipped under the menu, my info button Alt+W. Here you can also raise your stats. (Do POW/AGI for now and you can reset it after level 16.)

    8. You have a choice of being on your own leveling at your own pace or get tutorial help.

    Please click on "Go on to the next tutorial quest" to continue the steps below.

    Make sure you are fully armor to continue. (See Step 7)

    9. Receive your first quest from the Solstice Trainer.

    This will take you to the South Guard near Brynhilld Trisect.

    10. Go to the South Guard and take on the test.

    11. You have to kill one Puko at Forgotten Lake. Then come back and talk to the South Guard to finish the quest to go to the Solstice Trainer.

    12. Go to the Solstice Trainer and she will tell you your next quest. Go to Mall Street.


    13. Go to Vader Hotel in Mall Street and click on the Hotel Manager there.

    You will hand her the contract and she will hand you a copy to give back to the Solstice Trainer.

    14. Go back to the Solstice Trainer to start your next quest at Summerhill Street Armory.

    15. Bring the Novice Blade to the Weapon Merchant to enhance it to a Reinforced Novice Blade. Bring that back to the Solstice Trainer.

    16. Get the next quest from the Solstice Trainer and head back to Summerhill Street to the General Item Shop.


    17. Go to the Brynhilld General Shop and click on the General Goods Merchant to get 2 Weak HP/MP pots.


    18. Go back to the Solstice Trainer and go to your inventory (Spent) and double click on the potions to drink them.

    19. Next quest from Solstice Trainer to take your weapons and upgrade them at the Blacksmith shop in Summerhill Street.

    20. Talk to the Blacksmith NPC and give the upgraded weapon to the Solstice Trainer.


    21. Go to the Solstice Transporter and click on the 2nd option (red arrow) and use your warp coupons to go through all Brynhilld Transporters (Mall Street, Summerhill Street, and back to Arcarnias Square). Finally, you get a warping certificate to give to the Solstice Trainer.

    22. Next Quest to go to the Skill Book Merchant from the Solstice Trainer.


    23. Talk to the Skill Book Merchant NPC and get a magic ring from the Dadamons. Then bring the ring back to the Solstice Trainer.


    24. Talk to the Pet Merchant. He will send you to the Veggie girl.


    25. Talk to the Veggie Girl. She will give you a sweet potato to hand to the Solstice Trainer.


    26. Hand the Sweet Potato to the Solstice Trainer. Congrats you did it! You're level 10! You can reset your stats now or wait.


    OPTIONAL BONUS STEP: Every new Xenian comes with a bear suit, evil, bean, and cat bell to help get you started on your Xen journey. You are free to do whatever you want after level 10. Good luck Xenians! You got this! (I suggest using this step to help you get some boost on attack, def, etc.)


    Feel free to get some milk from level 10-15 from the Solstice Guide. It gives you 50 milks per turn. The stats are +50 HP and +30 MP
    PSA- You cannot store these milks in your hotel inventory or trade with other. Sorry. You need to use them up before getting extra.

    *If the NPC names or picture are not clearly visible, please click on the pictures to enlarge them.*