Seasonal Event: Lunar New Year 2023 - Year of the Rabbit

  • 2023 marks the Year of the Rabbit!

    Celebrate Lunar New Year in Xen by purging the bouncy Watch Rabbits that plague the alternate Xeninverses! Alternate Brynhilld and Alternate Essene NEED your help!

    Original Announcement here.

    The event quest cannot be repeated. Upon completing the quest, you can still enter the alternate maps.

    Did this in one sitting, so hopefully final version unless mistakes are found 1/19/23

    Lunar New Year 2023
    Year of the Rabbit
    Seasonal Event

    Alternate BrynhildAlternate Essene

    1 Overview

    To participate in this seasonal event, go to Brynhilld
    and locate NPC Yue.
    They are located here in Acarinas Square,
    near the Transport NPC.
    Map Location
    Talk to them to enter the Alternate Maps based on your player level:

    Alternate Brynhild for players Level 80 and below.
    Alternate Essene for players Level 81 and above.

    2 Lunar New Year Mobs

    Alternate BrynhildAlternate Essene
    Level 75

    Level 190

    3 Quest Event

    Once you enter inside the respective alternate map,
    proceed to kill 500 Watcher Rabbits.
    One can use AOE skills in here!

    Completing the quest gives the player:

    50 Divine Mystic Flask
    20 Lunar New Year Lucky Ball
    1 (Permanent) Chinese Hat
    10 Fire Crackers Emotes
    Player Experience based on current level

    4 Exiting the Map

    InformationAlternate BrynhildAlternate EsseneNPC Dialogue (Both Places)
    When you are done with the dungeon, simply talk to NPC Yue for an easy exit.

    Saves from the humiliation of death warp or wasteful scroll use ;)

    5 Item Details

    Chinese Hat

    Weight 12

    + 18 Def
    -0.30 Seconds MP Recover Time

    Divine Mystic Flask

    Recovers player upon using:

    +50,000 HP
    +50,000 MP

Comments 3

  • Lucky ball drops? Also do they drop outside the alternate locations as a world drop?

    • That I do not know. From my initial kills, trackers, scrolls, and carrots. I'd have to AOE the maps to get the full feel of the drops. Anyone, feel free to test the waters and provide feedback.

    • I can confirm that it is similar to Four Seasons drop table. The common drops were trackers, scrolls, carrots, and banana. Rare drops are the usual silkion etc.

      No LB drops