• Explanation of the guild director's options.

    Also, what format to use for guild logos.

    Yup, that's construction

    1 Creating a Guild

    Forming your own guild requires a level 66 character, 10,000,000 Kron, and a name for the guild.

    1.1 Change Announcement

    Changes the notice on the Guild tab. This costs 1,000 Kron.

    1.2 Update Emblem

    Changes the guild emblem. Costs 100,000 Kron.

    It seems that tga format works best. Make sure to use the first option (ARGB 4444).

    1.3 Storage

    Allows access to your guild's item storage. Anything tradeable can be stored. Comes with 100 slots.

    1.4 Deposit Donation

    Lets you deposit Kron into the guild's funds.

    1.5 Withdraw Donation

    Lets you withdraw Kron from the guild's funds.

    1.6 Change Guild Master

    Allows you to transfer ownership of your guild. Must be at least level 66 to be eligible.


    1.7 Leave Guild

    Lets you leave your guild. This costs 1,000 Kron. If you are guild master, you must either appoint a new guild master first or expel everyone from the guild before leaving.

    1.8 Leveling Guild

    Guilds can be leveled up through daily guild dungeons or through use of exp scrolls obtained through special events. Each level requires 50k more exp than the last, so to get to level 2, you need 50k exp. Next level, you need 100k exp, level after that 150k, etc.

    Each level up gives an extra 2 member slots and some extra storage.

    The maximum level you can level your guild is 20.

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  • also you can give guild to any level after it's made.

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  • Guild Emblem need step by step guide rather vague requirement.

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  • is there any issues with the new merge game, when creating a guild? cuz i couldnt . my guild name has 15 chars, and no special characters, but i cant seem to create it ?


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