Party Dungeon Instances

  • Tired of grinding? Try rounding up fellow players & party up in dungeon instances! There's also a "Top 10 - Current Month" score board.

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    1 Dungeons


    Tramis Dungeon
    Tramis Dungeon Keeper
    Tramis Mansion
    Party Members: 4 - 8
    Level: Lv 45 - 65
    The Suspicious Factory
    Arcarinas Square
    Party Members: 4 - 8
    Level: 70 - 100
    Sand Dungeon
    Dungeon GuideTurmeit DesertParty Members: 4 - 8
    Level: 100 - 140
    Secret AltarAdventurer MaveShenzhen CanyonParty Members: 4 - 8
    Level: 146 - 186

    2 Rewards

    Token Rewards5 Boss Tokens
    7 Minion Tokens
    4 Boss Tokens
    4 Minion Tokens
    2 Boss Tokens
    3 Minion Tokens
    1 Boss Token
    1 Minion Token
    Chest Rewards

    3 Other Info

    • Max 4 runs per day
    • Death penalty: Successful attack rate: -10, Movement rate: -4, Attack: -30%, Magic: -30%, Duration: 5 mins

    Warning: Death Penalty cool down will reset upon each death!!!

    For other instances, see Boss Instances


Comments 13

  • Could you please update it with all other dungeons like lizard, cow , tiger, etc ?

  • could we get a def required for these dgn's?

    • why? just wear dps gears instead of worrying about def

    • some party dgn's require a tank to collect mobs that's why i ask

    • yep, you definitely need a tank to complete these quickly. You basically need to be near the level cap with full def gear to be able to aoe these dungeons.

  • Completely re-organized. Hope you all like it. I simplified the layout significantly.

  • [hl=1][/hl] Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

  • So I updated the rewards since they were out of date, but the "ITEM DROP INFORMATION" needs to be removed since its not right. Rewards are based on the chest you get, not the dungeons, and the chest you get depends on the rank. I suggest a separate column explaining that. I'd like your input before making that major change myself.

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  • clock dungeon, essene library npc, then go to library room level 100-131

    • ah thank you but the clock is under boss instance. Will update the new lvl gates tho ♡♡♡♡♡